The Legacy of Third-Generation Female Speciality Coffee Entrepreneurs

The Legacy of Third-Generation Female Speciality Coffee Entrepreneurs

Welcome to our first blog post! We're thrilled to share the story behind our specialty coffee and the legacy of the community that produces it.  We are committed to continuing the legacy of our grandfather, the late Ex-Senior Chief Moses Mukira, who planted his first coffee tree in 1954 in Nyeri County, Central Kenya. As Ukiira Coffee Directors, we founded a company in the USA and Kenya that specializes in selling speciality roasted coffee, while also donating a portion of our proceeds to local schools in honor of our grandfather's legacy as a champion of education and social development.

Our dedication to delivering a premium coffee experience, being rooted in the community, enhancing sustainability and promoting environmental stewardship is what sets us apart from the market. Our speciality coffee is bursting with flavor and aroma. And by choosing our speciality coffee, you're not just getting a delicious cup of joe, you're supporting a legacy of hard work and dedication.

We are especially proud to support young people in their educational pursuit and making an impact in their communities as well. By choosing our coffee, you're helping to uplift their voices.

Thank you for choosing Ukiira Coffee, and we can't wait to share more with you soon.

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